(Ritual Spaces)
In a few words
MECHANICAL FOREST is a series of drawings from an imagined space where organic and mechanical structures seem to merge. The drawings are made with coal and pastels. Various sizes.

Mechanical Forest is a part of the long-running series of paintings and drawings called Ritual Spaces.
From The Notebook
“I am standing in this space, holding my sketchpad and drawing what I see in front of me. Whether what I see is actually there, or whether it becomes real the moment they appear on the paper, doesn’t seem to matter. Treating my ideas as observations encourages me to put down details and obstacles in the drawings that might otherwise never have appeared, helping to break the symmetry in the line work and throwing the composition off-balance, like any freehand sketch would.”
When and Where
The project started with a series of monochrome drawings made during the autumn of 2015. The project continued with a series of larger drawings combining coal and pastels, some of which were part of the travelling exhibition Imaginary Landscape (2019).