In a few words
RITUAL SPACES is a series of poetic interpretations of ritual space, myths and symbols. The works explore the notion of energy and transformation, and emphasise the theme’s cyclical nature by utilizing recurring forms and elements and alternating between darkness and light, the unsettling and subversive and the familiar, the organic and mechanic, the dystopian and the utopian. The works are inspired by different aesthetics, from modernism to video game aesthetics. Together the recurring themes and elements form an overarching, poetic narrative.
From The Notebook
“With RITUAL SPACES I wanted to return to one of the fundamentals of two dimensional painting: the picture plane’s potential of creating the illusion of depth, or to appear as a window into another world. How can it be that we, in a world of technology, 3D movies and Virtual Reality, still let ourselves be fascinated by a painting’s ability to create an illusion of depth? RITUAL SPACES focuses on this aspect by using twisted and mirrored perspectives and interrupting areas of perspective depth with areas of flatness. The suspension of disbelief is challenged by alternating between building up and breaking down the illusion of depth as the eyes move across the canvas.

I am interested in the paintings function and potential in today’s technological society. How can it be that a painting’s surface texture can still trigger a physical response without the viewer even touching the canvas.

While some may see a painting’s two-dimensionality as a limitation, I find it fascinating that it’s illusion of depth is possible not despite, but because of its flatness. I am particularly interested in how this aspect can be used to emphasis the theme of ritual space.”
When and Where
The project started during an art residency in Denmark in 2011. The first series of paintings were exhibited in 2012.
And all will be renewed (2012), 220x160cm, acrylic and pastel on canvas
Where it all comes together to be broken apart (2012), 125 x 130cm, acrylic and pastel on canvas
Where the city turns to meet itself (2012), 220x140cm, acrylic and pastel on canvas
In my mind your garden keeps on growing (2012), 220 x 130cm, acrylic and pastel on canvas
Bellevue (2012), 220 x 220cm, acrylic and pastel on canvas
Meet me in the greenhouse (2012), 130 x 220cm, acrylic and pastel on canvas