In a few words
TIMER emulates a digital clock – or timer – where all the digits are replaced by words. A series of time-based animation loops are running simultaneously on four different screens underneath the word clock’s constant, steady pace. The installation was designed without sound, leaving the audience to create the rhythms in their own minds.
In Time We Do Trust
While the words change according to a clock’s stable pace, its function is compromised as there is no telling where in time we are. Are we moving towards a point in time, or away from it? The hour slots provide an overarching theme, usually consisting of a vague or abstract term like ‘freedom’. The minute slot provides the TIMER’s subtheme, leaving the Second slot to provide a seemingly random stream of words to challenge the direction of the theme, constantly shifting between the serious and the silly, the simple and the complex. A series of animation-based video loops are playing simultaneously on different screens, functioning as various abstract reflections of time.
When and Where
The project was first exhibited during a group exhibition in Kiel, Germany in 2004. Since then, the project has continued to involve, taking many different forms. It was last shown in 2018 as part of a solo exhibition at K4 in Oslo, Norway.
Documentation from the solo exhibition TIMER at K4 (2018)
This video proposal shows the current setup for the TIMER video installation.